Saturday, December 16, 2006

Canada Opens First Cosplay Café

Move over Hooters!

At the iMaid Café in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, the waitresses dress as French maids and address the clientele as "Shang-di" which translates as “highest lord.”

The iMaid Café is Canada’s first restaurant devoted to cosplay or “costume play.”

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for a “butler café” in Canada for the ladies.

Inside a Japanese cosplay café…


  1. Cosplay?

    What's wrong with using the word 'brothel' then?

    Fucking pervs.

    Oh and Yay! First!

  2. "She is so cute. I wonder how old she is?"

    I reckon about 23.

  3. Piggy: Silly me. I thought the customers were flocking there for the Special Shredded Beef and Lobster Sizzling Plate.

    Geoff: Past her prime.

  4. Is there a market for the gay equivolent of Hooters?

    If so what would it be called

  5. Tickers: Let's call it Kaptain Kielbasa's.

  6. tickers: why do you want to know?

  7. oh about a nice steaming cup of get a set of balls and the fuck up.

    Sorry, but when you're 35 in a cowboy outfit being served tea by an anime fembot - it's time to re-evaluate your life.

  8. Tick...I think nothing would be more appropriate than "Peckers--Nothing but the best in beer and bratwurst."

    Or "Dingalings...We Don't Care If You Play With Your Food"

  9. Jacqueline: Amen to that.

    Awaiting: 'Peckers'... ha!!!