Friday, October 17, 2014


We take great pride in presenting the FOURTH ANNUAL INFOMANIAC GARDEN PHOTOS EVENT!

[via Zenfancy]

You each deserve a rose.

Now let's get started. Some photos may enlarge if you click on them.

Any more, my gardening efforts center around buying fresh cat grass for the kitties!
Did I win yet?

My big pink bush!...

I took this picture in Spring in readiness for The Great Infomaniac Gardening Show... sadly it is now Autumn and my bush is now looking the worse for the weather. Wilted and less than spectacular. Ha! This could be my life story. :)

As last year's Pot Plot just outside the back door got turned into a more commodious seating area, I re-homed a lot of the potted plants into the borders (after I'd reshaped them, that is - the borders, not the plants). So here they are as of June.

The left-hand border includes foxgloves, acquilegias, delphiniums, verbena, veronica, gaura, climbing roses, cat mint, buddleia and a grape vine...

At the back are more foxgloves and aquilegias, plus hostas, astilbes and a rheum palmatum...

In the right-hand border are even more foxgloves, aquilegia, gaura and cat mint, along with penstemon, heuchera, cleome, agapanthus, box and lavender...

The final - and more recent - photo is of my little Japanese-style garden that I managed to squeeze in between the ex-Pot Plot and the garden proper...

Plant A has made it. As expected. Tough little bahsted. I should perhaps stuff some earth in its cup as a reward since I can lift it all out without any crumbs left behind...

Plant B - strong as ever. Even this white mouldish stuff vanished ; nothing fell off for some time ; order is restored. The background? Some curtains here. Move on...

Introducing "jeffg166," an Infomaniac reader:
Bloodroots: first thing up in Spring...

Camomille given to me by a friend 17 years ago. He died ten years ago. I never plant this it reseeds every year somewhere in the yard. Just letting me know he's still around...

Flying saucer morning glories. My favorite variety...

Flying saucer morning glories closeup Mr. Demille...

My garden of Pink Bromeliad surrounded by rain lilies. The Bromeliad is planted in its own pot and has done very well for three months...

When I am not busy gardening, I enjoy strolling around the lush, tropical  gardens at Condom World...

"jardin d'penee"
I was distracted and missed out on pictures of the yard in the spring when everything was blooming. This is from the terribly drought ravaged July we had...

Here's the tree peony, planted above the late "Bella."

And here's Bella...

Another fancy peony for Bella...

Happily, not all the corgis here are dead! (but all those tulips are!)

And a deer, passing through, who took one look at our garden and "hocked a louie." (We don't say "loogie" in Boston) ..

I wasn't able to devote as much time and energy to gardening as I would've liked to, so it was all sort of wild and weedy. None the less, here are a few photos from earlier this year, plus some cut flowers from the garden for good measure...

I have two submissions for your tour of my lovely Casa du Borghese. You will have to forgive the grounds right now dear, with all my traveling and houseboys hit or miss, the gardens were looking a bit shabby...

My apologies. And as one can see, my peacock and peacunt were running amuck...

And no cut flowers or foliage indoors at the moment except for these........... I guess they got too close to the road."...

My real gardens are all but wilted.......damn cold is a comin'.

Our year has been one of change. From happy beginnings in Spring, our plans for getting the gardens at Dolores Delargo Towers looking the best they'd ever been were in full sway, starting with the Spring window box...

Another spring joy - in addition to the daffodils, bluebells, fritillaria, tulips and aquilegias, was the brand new (to our garden) Anemone de Caen...

We started to go a bit mad on acquisitions for the summer to come, including Veronica spicata, dahlias, various alliums, Brodiaea, petunias, Oxalis, and looked on proudly at the delphiniums, poppies and the myriad pots (fuchsias, osteospermums, Asarina, lilies and all) - and then the bomb-shell was dropped! Our "housemate" pulled the plug on the whole thing by refusing to renew the lease, and we were faced with the prospect of moving all this lot to a new home...

Which we did (although we were extremely sad to say goodbye to our jet-black hollyhock...

With a lot of hard work and effort, we've made a start on getting the new place in some semblance of order...

But the hard work will pay off, and we'll have a fab show next year!

PS, the greatest joy of all this year was when - after eighteen years, our Cymbidium orchid finally flowered...

And finally, a corner of Mistress MJ's colossal Coleus with special guest...


[photo via Zenfancy]

We wish to thank all the Infomaniac Bitches who participated in 2014’s garden photos EVENT (this is not a contest.) As you know, this has become an annual event here on Infomaniac so remember to GET GROWING in 2015!


  1. Yay! First!
    And your gardens all look as lovely as ever, with quite a number of plants that i am unfamiliar with...
    Thanks MJ for pulling it all together for another year.
    You can come and visit my garden here

    1. Your link isn't working, darling!

    2. Click here to see Prinny’s garden.

    3. ta for the fix MJ, it's been so long I've
      forgotten how to link properly

  2. Gorgeous all of you. Who would have thought a bunch of boozers like you could make flower bloom so wonderfully.

    1. The trick is not to breathe your gin-breath onto the blooms.

    2. I think the stale Silvaner saved them ...

  3. beautiful photos, beautifully displayed!

    why, with such beautification occurring,
    we may need to start calling mj, lady bird.
    she is doing her best to beautify the planet,
    one anus at a time.

  4. Lovely entries, each and every one.

    PS: I wish we could see more of Mistress MJ's cotton tail on a regular basis.

  5. My what a talented bunch of green thumbs!! One of the best garden tours yet. So much color and variety, including the bush of Ms. Scarlett. Had I known the prize would be the cute muscular boy with the rosebud, of put in more effort "into" it!

  6. Glorious!! And worth waiting for. The rainy season has huts started here so it's nice to see all these blooming gardens.
    Meanwhile, could we have more details regarding Mr Mags's curtains?

    1. Yes, I'm curious about those curtains too. Crocadiles and sheep and elephants, oh my!

  7. I have no idea where the 'huts' came from in my previous comment. I meant 'just'.

  8. Each and every one is magnificent! Even von LX's cat grass, and especially the miraculously still living (or should that be existing?) aloe and money tree of Mago!
    Jeffg166's 'morning glory' certainly is a monster, and, after much teasing, we finally get to gaze in wonder at Ms Scarlet's Big Pink Bush™.

    P.S. Mistress MJ's Colossal Coleus reminds me of the underwater angel aliens from The Abyss.

  9. Sooo much beauty! Which never ceases to surprise me, all things considered.

  10. Oh, they are all very nice ! Grouchy's Bromeliad has a certain surviver-vibe to it, I like stubborn plants. Thoms arrangements I find very ansprechend. I hope Mistress Maddie looked into Le Viandier for a peacock recipe - here's a translation.
    Flying saucers, gobbing deer, blooming orchids, cats & bushes - ach, es ist eine Lust zu leben. And I still do not understand how IDV can remember all these names. And its always nice to have a peep at the Mistress' rabbit ...

  11. Such lovely flora (and fauna), perhaps I'll have a garden at my new home in twenty-fifteen.

  12. I've often seen your Coleus for sale at various garden centres and wilkos but never knew their names, so I did a search on google image and was surprised to see a number of people in acts of love making, you know, shagging ect, when I looked at the search box, I had written coitus by mistake. that'll teach me not to copy and paste.

    Love Scarlet's big pink bush and yes they can get a bit straggly this time of year can't they?

    Mago plants might not be as eye catching as the iridescent flash of a peacunt's feather but just as fascinating.

    Mr Peenee's lovely garden reminds me of a park I used to frequent in Madeira, lots of "self sowers" there, if I remember rightly.

  13. Bravo to all of you.

    Our front garden, which we redid this year, will be suitable for photography next year. So all you bitches are being warned in advance.

  14. Oh, my, we are a load of massive bloomers, aren't we?

    Well done, everyone!

    1. massive bloomers? sure, they're the only ones that'll stretch across my ass.

  15. Thanks, Bitches, for bringing a bit of spring and summer back into our lives.