Sunday, October 12, 2014


It's the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada.

Need we remind you about kitchen safety?

While you're waiting for me to post the Garden Photos Event, (please give me some time,) let's look closer at the photos on the refrigerator door, belonging to the man above...

The three photos on the fridge appear to be:

Top: Two naked people of indeterminate sex?
Centre: A younger man and woman?
Bottom: A naked old woman?

And on the kitchen counter we see a framed baby photo.



  1. Let's just not have any incidents with the turkey baster. OK?

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  2. A "reboot" of The Waltons by Lars von Trier, perhaps? Jx

  3. Well, they're clearly family photos. The top one is him and his wife enjoying some quality time off together, the middle one is of his son & daughter-in-law (of whom he doesn't really approve as they spend so much of their time clothed), and the bottom one is a photo of his wife from a shopping trip (she's trying out the beach towels in a department store).
    As for the baby photo? It's an alien.

  4. I am NOT asking questions on this one. And I noticed the baby photo sits on what appears to be a plastic bag ? Now go stuff yourself Mary Jane.

  5. I doubt that it is a baby-photo. I think the photo is attached in the left upper corner ; it is a painted image, perhaps just delivered, hence the plastic wrap.
    Think IDV told the rest.

  6. Obviously, he just returned home from shopping - for loved ones. Everyone needs family!

  7. No, thank you.
    And usually I like the white meat

  8. uh, Happy Thanksgiving? :) xoxoxo

  9. I'm confused. Have you just been home for a Thanksgiving visit and are shocked and dismayed to discover that your parents have your baby photo on display on the kitchen counter (where the heat and humidity will do it no good)?

  10. **scrolls directly to the comment page without even looking at the pictures**

    Joyeuse Fête de l'Action de Gräce, ma chérie.

    Take all the time you need dear. I couldn't get my act together on time. I'll try to post my pictures on my blog, but I can't promise anything. I'm such a lousy lazy bitch these days.


  11. That's not a turkey he's carving up, it's the baby from the picture, minus it's head, that's sitting inside the pan cooling for the dog. I'll just have a toasted cheese sandwich, if you please.

  12. Fröhlichen Erntedank !

  13. Sadly the neck and giblets look a little underdone...
    Happy gobbling...

  14. The first thing I thought when I saw this picture was, "where did he find that electric carving knife? I mean there impossible to find these days..." and really, who doesn't have naked pictures on their refrigerators these days? HGTV is so behind the trends.

    Tell the naked server, I'll have what Mitzi's having.

    1. A bottle of absinth and a toasted cheese sandwich - kommt sofort ...

  15. i'm just glad he had that redundant
    colon taken care of last year.

    scar's healing nicely, dontcha think?