Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, IVD!

Happy birthday to our favourite hot tub homo, Inexplicable DeVice

(click to biggify the homo in the hot tub)

But let us ask you this, IVD …

Since you have multiple personalities, does that mean that each one of your personalities gets a birthday pressie?

Everyone join us in wishing IVD a very happy fortieth birthday.

*notes that IVD has been age 34 in his Blogger Profile for the past few years*

Finally, I would just like to say that Mistress MJ is extraordinarily fond of IVD. We go way back … four years is, after all, a long time in the blogging world.

And we shall remain friends as long as Mistress MJ wins IVD's Tinfoil Hat competition.

Note: IVD has extended the deadline on his Tinfoil Hat competition to midnight on Wednesday, 24th March (GMT). However, there is no point entering the contest as Mistress MJ’s tinfoil hat is assured to win first prize.


  1. And a very Happy Birthday to IDV!!!

    I'm sure he and his multiple personalities will get lots of pressies! That would only be fair, after all...

  2. happy birthday, IDV!

    (Or are we wishing a happy birthday to the Mistress' IUD?)

    Either way, uh..cute!

  3. happy birthday, ivd! hope y'all have the absolute bess day, sugar! xoxox

  4. Happy Birthday, IDV!


    Best wishes to you for good company, good food, and good times!


  5. Happy Birthday IVD! Did I win?

    Oh Hai Ponita, Savannah, Eros!

  6. Happy birthday IDV.

    I will be celebrating it in bed being really ill trying to watch Please Don't Eat the Daisies

  7. Happy Birthday again Mr DeVice.
    Dear Mistress I am again ableto transmit from the "Palais"

    Oh hi all, and Pete, a suggestion.
    Next time follow the Films instuctions. Perhaps some Cammomile tea instead?

  8. Then Stop eating the daisies!!

  9. Happy Birthday to IDV. Given he's in Norwich, I'll be walking the streets looking for his party to gate crash.

    Cyberpete here love, have some tea, toast and a shot of whisky, that will make you feel better. I'll leave the bottle by your bed.

  10. That tub looks so inviting and I could help him with the crossword.
    Happiest birthday IVD.

  11. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, and thank you MJ for pointing out the glitch in my Blogger Profile. My age has now been moved on to its rightful and correct (sadly) 35.

    * notes that Mistress MJ's age counter in her Blogger Profile no longer functions after it's fourth time 'round the clock *

    And finally, I would just like to say that (and this goes against my better judgement, so it must be coming from one of the SubCs) the last four years of blogging have been a rollercoaster ride of filth, porn and depravity, so thank you MJ. I find myself accustomed to your fa- well, your stripy spread legs!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr Devine!!!
    I still have time to make a hat if I get my finger out.

  13. I have now made some toast and nearly fainted from the smell of it.

    I wonder what that means

  14. Oh, and thanks Roses but I suspect I won't be having any alcohol for a while

  15. Happy Birthday young man..34 is a brilliant choice...right in the middle.

    I can't get over the fancy schmancy cake that Mr Swings made.

    I hope that you get spoiled today and that the townsfolk make a big fuss but that the parade isn't too tedious and that the Assembly, Dance, and Rituals all go on without incident.

  16. I could use a hottub right now...WITHOUT him in it.

  17. BITCHES: How wonderful to see so many Infomaniac bitches turn out to wish IVD a happy forty, er, 35th birthday.

    Why, even Donn, who we thought we’d lost forever to Facebook, is here.

    Is Jason flirting with IVD? May we remind you that Infomaniac is not a dating service.

    CyberPete certainly seems perky for someone who is supposedly under the weather.

    Thankfully, Eroswings baked a cake. If you click on OUR cake link, you’ll see that getting a slice is more difficult than it used to be.

    I’d suggest we all jump into the hot tub with IVD but you’ve all seen his warty wand, haven’t you?

  18. First - Miss MJ is not allowed to go away any more. Just too painful, like a Hannah Montana marathon. Only with less wigs. Second- I can only assume IVD is sitting on his device, let us hope it is waterproof. Third - my hottub never got that foamy - he should cut down on body lotion, or lube up after the hottub, not before. This advice shall be his prezzie.

  19. kabukiDARLING! Has the dust settled yet in your new abode?
    Sung to the tune of Hello Dolly…
    Mistress will never go a WAY
    Mistress will never go a WAY
    Mistress will never go a WAY again!
    Well that’s a lie but perhaps I’ll slip kabuki into my carry-on next time.

  20. Granted I am feeling slightly perkier now. Though I still have a fever and headache and feel dizzy

  21. Happy BIrthday IVD!

    Tin hats?

  22. Cyberpete, you're off your drink? Goodness, you are poorly.

    Hot toddies. Medicinal darling. They're the only answer.

  23. A very Homo Birthday to the inexplicable one. Or possibly more than one.

    I've still got your video. Heh heh.

  24. Happy Birthday IVD.

    *Tips tin foil hat*