Saturday, March 20, 2010

Coming Attractions

As you can see, Mistress MJ is still in vacation mode and needs another day to unwind…

She won’t be responding to your quirky comments today (well, maybe a little) nor visiting your blogs (well, maybe just a few).

Instead, we present a run-down on what to expect in the days to come here on Infomaniac.

Sunday, March 21: Catching up with Infomaniac’s bitches.

Monday, March 22: Celebrate a long-time Infomaniac bitch’s birthday.

Tuesday, March 23: A party…possibly lasting a few days.

Saturday, March 27: An exciting contest! Have your cameras ready!

Oh, and before we return to our beach chaise, we have one more holiday photo to share with you.

Try as I may to get away from you bitches, it really is a small world.

Look who I spotted on the beach…it’s Mr. Peenee and his identical twin! …

A Tale of Two Peenees

One more thing …

If you’re feeling particularly arts-and-craftsy today, head on over to IVD’s place where he’s holding a tin foil hat contest.

On second thought, there’s no point, really, as Mistress MJ is going to take first place with her Prizewinning Tinfoil Hat (not yet pictured but wait 'til you see it).


  1. first! ?
    I'm not sure the I can handle two peenees....but I'll try.

  2. A tantalising glimpse of things to come - How marvellous!

    And thanks for the shout out.

  3. the first two graduates of The Budapest School of Beauty, Poise & Flesh 1947.

  4. Welcome back!

    Well don't Mr Peenee and his twin make a lovely pair! What's the twin's name? Mr Weenee?

    I'm having technical difficulties with my camera at the moment, but I'm definitely entering IDV's contest and the one for next week!

  5. Are you watching Satans Wife on DVD?

  6. *sits down with camera*

    I'm always early.

  7. BITCHES: Where is Peenee?

    Probably sulking because I revealed the family secret.

    Anyway, as mentioned, I’m not responding to all comments today (pops open another cork) but I’ll answer CyberPoof’s question for now.

    No, I’m not watching Satan’s Wife on DVD.

    I’m finally watching “Pushing Daisies” after IVD raved about it so many times.

    Also, if you’ll recall IVD’s “Coven Awards” of 2008, Lee Pace (who plays Ned the Pie Maker) was voted “Most Fanciable Male”.

    Oh, and nice one, Ms. Desmond.

  8. Two peenee's always make my hole feel tight.

  9. We suspect that’s the only time your hole feels tight, Ayem8y.

  10. I'm too late for the tin foil contest.

  11. Scarlet, I believe IVD’s extended the deadline. He’s just been too lazy to update.