Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Today

Mistress MJ is overwhelmed with the workload that faces her after weeks away on holiday.

She is not accepting an audience today but will be happy to receive you on Tuesday.

Perhaps you would like to assist the Houseboys with the unpacking in the meantime?


  1. That depends... Will we be wearing any clothes?

  2. ok, so being second today means nothing? damn, damn, damn. xoxoo

  3. Oh I take it from all the screaming and shouting on my blog , that your back then !
    and in a bad mood !
    are we sunburned ???
    or have a dreadful dose of montezuma's revenge ????
    or just a dreadful dose ??????

  4. Never understood this female packing-disorder. BTW it's good to have you back Mistress.

  5. I see Mistress travels light and sensibly. Assist the Houseboys with unpacking? No. Assist the Houseboys with packing. Yes.

  6. lol I read that as:

    Mistress MJ is overwhelmed with the workload that FAECES her after weeks away on holiday

    keep cool keep calm MJ - xl will soothe your fevered brow

  7. Good to have you home. I'll poor the wine and supervise the houseboys doing the laundry. I know they are your houseboys, but I think they need a firm hand controlling their youthful exuberance.

  8. I'm sure your houseboys are very good at handling bags.

  9. Tsk. I too have the coming home blues. I need to borrow some houseboys to wash and iron my gussets. This might cheer me up.

  10. I wish I could but I don't want to.

  11. BITCHES: So tired.

    z z z ...

    Must. Post. Something. New.

    *nods off again*

  12. I'd like to see what's in the large crate on the bottom please.