Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Teen Angst Competition

It’s time for another Teen Angst contest.

Guess the identity of this teenaged Infomaniac bitch and win a prize!...

Fishing for crabs

In the event of more than one correct answer, Mistress MJ will ask one lucky Infomaniac bitch (volunteers, anyone?) to reach beneth her petticoat where she has concealed the names of potential winners on tiny slips of paper. He or she will present the selected slip of paper to Mistress MJ who will announce the winner asap.

Note: Contest closes at 7:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on Wednesday, April 8th. For you UK readers, that’s 3:00 am on Thursday, April 9th. The rest of you can use this handy World Clock to figure it out for yourselves.


  1. Where is the comment section for the last posting?

  2. @Donn: I just looked and it was there....

    *hands Donn a pair of reading glasses and thinks, "good thing I have many spare pairs of these cuz I'm running out."*

  3. I am thinking it is a young Mr Beast....

  4. We interrupt regularly scheduled programming to point out to DONN that the comments section is where it has always been and that 19 other people managed to find it.

    Donn: Put DOWN the tequila bottle.

  5. Bullsh*t!
    I can see 37 comments on the sock suspenders and a complete blank space under
    And fellas…what would you do with a detachable penis?

    What the hell?

  6. Donn, I do believe the technical difficulties exist only on your end of the continuum...

  7. I was going to say Garfer but ok, it's not.

    It's got to be Famulus or yeah you know...

  8. Since he's fishing for crabs from a Uboat turret its mago

  9. Beast
    The Franconian marine is well known for their brave attacks against nutshells, tin cans and origami boats. Sorry sailor. I'll guess later. The bonesack is worn and must be put to rest.

  10. If I say the same name every week then I might get it right eventually so I'll say Mr Beastie as well...

  11. Its Donn! this time I'm sure cos he mentioned about having crabs.

  12. I'm clueless. Although I am getting a Scottish vibe, circa 1985.

  13. II can't figure it out if it is a boy or a girl... If it is a boy I will go for Beast (totally random choice since I don't know anyone personally here) and if it is a girl I will choose Ponita.

    Now, where is my prize?

  14. Dammit ! I'm no good at these !

  15. Young master Knudsen.
    I volunteer to fondle you under your petticoat!

  16. BITCHES: Could we have a volunteer other than Mago to make the draw, should a draw be necessary?

    Mago, might I remind you that you made the draw in a previous contest?

    I still have the bite mark on my thigh.

  17. @Ponita
    Young lady I'll have you know that I do NOT have any technical difficulties existing on the end of my very generous continuum.


  18. I'll say it's Istvanski cos nobody else is going to say it's him.

    Anyway, he's like me in that we do like to be beside the seaside!

  19. That is definately Mutley!

  20. where is his cap? i say Old Knudsen

  21. Ok I'll take one for the team MJ.

    Let me do the draw

  22. I was gonna say Knudsen but cant be'll never be Knudsen.......sake

  23. My keen analytical mind tells me it's unlikely to be IVD, Famulous or Geoff because they've already been teen angsters. And it's probably not Beast or Cyberpete because they've already made guesses.

    And I don't think it's Manuel because I can't imagine that face going with that arse. And Hardhouse had disappeared off the face of the earth. Something tells me it's not Kapitano either - call it intuition.

    So I can confidently declare...that I've got no idea who the boy is. Though he's almost as sweet as the last one.

    My usual choice of Tickersoid has slightly the wrong nose. So I'm going to say it's...Eroswings!

    Why? Because...I stuck a pin in my blogroll. And after cleaning up the blood, decided I'd stuck it in him. Though only in my dreams.

    So, Eroswings!

  24. A@Donn: You're getting a mite testy in your old age, I see.

    If you show me your continuum, I will show my vortex.

    *grins wickedly*

    Did you ever locate those allegedly missing comments? Hmmm?

    *hands Donn magnifying glass and runs away*

  25. This contest is closed.

    Good luck, bitches.