Wednesday, November 15, 2006

MJ Meets Within Without

This weekend I met up with everybody’s favourite gap-toothed personality.

No! Not Alfred E. Neuman!

It’s Canuck blogger Within Without aka WW from Snippets from Spaceship Orion.

Winnipeg-based sportswriter WW was in Vancouver covering the CFL’s West Division Final; in other words, the game that Canadians and Americans call football.

Now, those of you who know me well know that my football (what Canadians and Americans call soccer) involves the Italian diving team and features hooliganism and men in short pants. Not helmets and padding and other accoutrements that cover the goods.

So I figured it would be a short visit, what with our differing views on football. But didn’t WW up and surprise me by being his entertaining self for the evening and I had a good time in his company.

I strongly suggest that when a Canadian blogger calls you, you pick up the phone. You too may be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for a great evening, WW!


  1. Let us know about the arrival of little MJWW's in the coming months.

  2. Vicus: Sorry to disappoint but my heart (and naughty bits) belongs to another.

  3. Hey, that Alfred E. is kinda a good lookin' guy...

    It was great fun, MJ. I'm still drying out...

  4. HA Vicus!
    mj: Thanks for a great evening.
    ww: It was great fun I'm still drying out!

    You two should have told us what you talked about instead of leaving it all up to our imaginations. I am certain that it was all above board because WW is a goofy bugger who is socially awkward and incredibly tedious in person.

    Since MJ wore a paperbag over her head (to protect her true identity) and sat in an adjacent booth with her back to him there could not have been much in the way of sexual tension...
    Actually MJ you should know better than to ever trust a reporter. The photos that he secretly snapped are gold ...check out mjphotos on EBay...goin' once...goin' twice...

  5. WW: HE is jealous because we didn’t talk about HIM.

    And if you think THAT was a rainfall, today we have flood warnings in Vancouver, the threat of a power outage from the winds, and a tsunami warning for Vancouver Island. Currently we are experiencing what the weather report describes as “massive amounts of rain.” Be glad you’re in Winterpeg.

    HE: Please don’t laugh at Vicus. It only encourages him.

    If you find WW tedious, it’s only because he can’t get a word in edgewise when YOU’RE around. Neener.

    Wait ‘til you come to visit and see what I have to say about YOU.

    I don’t fear WW’s photo-snapping reporter’s ways. Afterall I was once the Bagmate of the Month.

  6. Darn, another opportunity to solve the mystery that is MJ gone by.

  7. hello mj, i'm visiting your blog because you met ww in person. i would appreciate the following update and impressions:
    1. is he an introvert or extrovert?
    2. would he spontaneously hop on a transcontinenal flight?
    3. does he think before he speaks?
    4. anything else, please.

    i have my reasons....


  8. KJ: Do you represent the WW Fan Club? Tell us your reasons!

  9. Awaiting: Ahhh, you know me by now!

  10. So you're not Michael Jackson. Whew! That was a lovely post he wrote up about you BTW.

    At least we now know that you're a secret agent.

  11. Pu-leaze. I know you spent the evening doing rails of coke off each other's butts. At least that's what I'm planning on for when I visit. How's next week for you?