Sunday, May 14, 2006

Texas Rollergirls Rock 'n' Rollerderby

"Texas Rollergirls Rock 'n' Rollerderby is a genuine athletic competition, punked up with over-the-top antics. Every Texas Rollergirls bout combines first-rate sports performance with eye-catching costumes and crowd-pleasing personalities. The original concepts of the traditional, all-American roller derby have been updated with a rock & roll, good-time, Texas twist. Think WWE meets burlesque meets the X-Games, and you'll be close to imagining the spectacle."

The Texas Rollergirl teams are:

Hell Marys
Honky Tonk Heartbreakers
Hotrod Honeys

With names like those, you know they play to win.


  1. HA HA !! I comment first again! AND I slept in !! ( its Mother's Day, they let' me ).
    I cannot roller skate. But, I like the pix of the chick's leg in a short plaid skirt...
    I will be watching Baseball and looking for the pink bats I heard a rumor they will be using...and hoping Barry gets number 714 !! Mr. Juice-man, Like I care! what he does, I like to see him HIT THAT BALL, baby !
    Have a great day, man!

  2. remember when rolerderby was great big honkin' dykes who played to kill?
    *snif* now i'm sad.