Saturday, May 16, 2020

Canadian Ingenuity

Daniel Rotsztain made a video of himself walking through some of Toronto's busiest streets while wearing a machine that ensures he stays at least two metres (six feet) from others.

In order to avoid physical contact with structures, cars and other people, he's forced to venture out into the middle of the street.

Click here for the full story and the video clip.  

I don't know about you Bitches but The Mistress could really use one of these social distance machines. How is your social distancing going?


  1. Some of my wigs keep people at bay they are so wide. Plus with the wigs I have, no worries about not getting to the salon.

    I learned I can stay in and not be social and it didn't kill me. So now I don't want to be near humans again. At least the dumb ones.

    Now where'd I leave my gin?

  2. That arrangement could double as a May Pole when restrictions are lifted. Or a hula-hoop.

  3. Certainly could have used one of these at the Post Office. The woman in the service window next to me had no sense of appropriate distancing.

  4. Crinoline dresses are the future.

  5. The only addition I would make is some spikes... Jx

  6. I wanna see him sashay through Bloomingdales.

    1. I already do sashay through Bloomingdales dear.

  7. I tried walking down the street with my arms extended at my sides. All it succeeded in doing was getting me strange looks.

  8. Norma dear (and this is truly me),

    Your hips loose swivel,
    perplexes the whores,
    and sale browsing wives,
    against husbandry chores.

    They sniffed your musk,
    on their menfolks' loins,
    mix ammonia and copper,
    to slather male groins.

    A chemical reaction,
    reduces the fuss,
    saline infusions,
    suss out the puss.

    You're a clearance customer,
    with no mores or guile,
    pinching strange penis,
    as they shop your aisles.

    Your gift box as such,
    gives without end,
    an uneven exchange,
    is all that you send.

    For your pleasure,
    is always supreme,
    their revolving credit,
    based on their cream.

    So mince, sway, or hustle,
    on escalator or stair,
    a small print disclaimer,
    deliveries in rear.

  9. Distance ? They gave me a super-duper-face mask and a bottle of alcohol for desinfeting the surfaces.

    Anything else that is published here as authored by "63mago" is sadly a stale joke by some imbecile.
    We had this before, and it really does not become funny by repeating.

  10. B.O. I have not tried it yet, as I like showering, but I have considered using an unpleasant scent to make people keep their distance. Meanwhile, I will continue with the muttering, peculiar wink, and dubious limp, which seems to be working so far.

    1. Crikey, I have just had a thought re my acrid scent idea - if somebody can't smell it then there is a strong possibility that they are infected, so if someone comes to near you when you smell of a three week old slop bucket then run for the hills!!