Friday, June 30, 2017

Justin Trudeau's Socks

Mr. Peenee asks, "Did you see the story in the New York Times about Justin Trudeau's socks? We are all 12 year old girls at heart when it comes to Canadia's king or whatever he is."

And so we present a sampling of Justin Trudeau's socks, just for you, Bitches.

Maple Leaf socks: a Canadian emblem...

Giving German Chancellor Angela Merkel an eyeful ...  of his NATO socks...

Mr. DeVice will appreciate Justin's Star War socks...

Being presented with a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jersey while wearing Montreal Canadiens hockey socks...

Sock pride!...

And finally, Mr. Peenee's socks!...

... which were obviously knocked off when he saw Justin Trudeau's socks.

Full NYT story here.


  1. Get a load of that thick ankle.

  2. I'm through with socks. Only blacks and some yellows.

  3. Can I move up to Canada? xoxoxo

  4. I especially like the one where he's doing some kind of homo Can-can with his bald daddy.

  5. Star Wars? STAR WARS!?!

    Your admittedly very cool and enviable Prime Minister could have shown a little Star Trek sockage...

    (Star Wars indeed. Have you learned nothing from my blog, Mistress? As punishment, my next post shall be Star TREK-related!)

    1. Captain Leia and First Lieutenant Slartybartfarst were original crew members of the USS Terrahawk, apparently. Jx

    2. Ha!

      ::checks that the coast is clear::

      Does Zelda from Terrahawks remind you of anyone around here, Jon?

  6. "I've waited so long, baby
    Now that we're friends
    Every man's got his patience
    And here's where mine ends

    I want your sox
    I want your love
    I want your sox
    I want your sox"