Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Celebrate National Coming Out Day with Queer Duck

In this episode, Queer Duck celebrates October 11th, National Coming Out Day.

And here’s the complete Queer Duck collection.

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  1. Yay! First!

    Oh gawd. Another fucking day, dreamed up by some right-on politically correct twat.

    Before you know it, we'll be celebrating '23rd of January Day' on the 23rd of erm, January.

    Followed by 'April 16th Day'

    Followed by 'July 19th Day'

    Followed by 'My First Shite Day'

    etc, etc, fucking etc.

    It goes without saying that the card companies have already stockpiled for the event.

    Surely I'm not the only one thinking these 'Days' are dreamt up by some fuckwit in a marketing department, somewhere?

  2. Piggy: Yes, they ARE dreamed up by some fuckwit in a marketing department. There must be a Hallmark greeting card for this one.

    Is the UK as bad as Canada and the US for PC overload?

    *runs to find more 'days' for Piggy*

    And how WAS your first shite?

  3. i agree, it seems like these days, there is a special day for everything.

  4. Yep. The UK is possible, just possibly, overtaking the U.S in the PC race.

    My first shite, I don't really remember. But mummy once told me that she once found me eating one of my early ones.

    According to her, I was quite enjoying it. All smiles and giggles, apparently.

    And covered from head to toe in it.

    Thankfully, I grew out of that particular habit before it became part of my formative memories.

  5. No Piggy you haven't grown out of it at all, you just eat someone elses now.

    MJ find out when the "I'm not gay, I'm just a bit poofy" day is please.

    And the Pig is correct - the UK really is leading the world in PC bullshite..........nothing to be proud of!

  6. So that was when, Piggy, last week?

    Oh, and, Shit! I forgot to come out. Er.. outer...

  7. Pink: Everyday is Infomaniac Day. Yay! Pop open the bubbly!

    Piggy and Steve: I can't believe the UK is more PC than Canada. Has the world gone mad? Should I just get back into bed then?

    Steve: Little Bit Poofy Day is coming up very soon.
    *smiles knowingly and stares directly at Steve-o*
    *rubs hands together gleefully and laffs maniacally*

    IDV: Come out come out wherever you are.

  8. I celebrated Pamer Gets Laid Day on Sunday. It used to be a semi annual event, but due to budget cuts we are down to one day a year

  9. Pamer: Any chance of making a month out of it? Or even a week? Pamer Gets Laid Week. We could sign a petition and bring it to Parliament.

  10. Does this mean I have to come out even if I'm not gay?

    Will I be forced to play the pink oboe or shirt lift every 11th of October?

  11. Tickers. No. Please wait for the upcoming Just A Bit Poofy Day. It'll be your day to shine.

  12. MJ i would love you forever if you could pull something like that off LOL. Parliament isn't doing all that much anyway...I would even settle for a Pamer's Laid Long Weekend. I could organize a fun run.

  13. what if you're bi? do i stick my hand over the top of the transom and wave?

  14. Fuck a duck for luck day...

    That has a nice ring to it?




  15. Pamer: I'll be your first sponsor.

    FN: Hop on board the Just A Bit Poofy Day Express Train. We'll be boarding tomorrow.

    SID: You filthy Irish duck lucker.

  16. you people make me glad i live in Mississippi.

  17. We're all glad you live there too, Pinky.

  18. What a hoot!
    Bi Polar Bear..Oscar Wilde Cat!
    Why not eh we have 36oish days that we need to fill...
    when is Sagittarian/Winter/Hetero/Bipedal/
    Agnostic/Mesomorph Day?