Monday, February 15, 2010

Build Your Own Gloryhole

Tired of having to leave the house for a good time?

Now you can build your own private gloryhole thanks to the instructions posted on cruisingforsex dot com.

Here’s what you’ll need for this DIY project:

1/4 inch plywood panel, hole cutter bit, drill, sandpaper, 1 can of flat black spray paint, and a hungry friend.


1. Measure the exact width of your door jamb.

2. Buy 1/4 inch plywood, cut the width, or have it cut exactly. Usual door jambs are 30 inches wide.

3. Buy a 2, 3, or 4 inch diameter circular hole cutter bit for your drill. Figure out the best place for the hole and let the hole cutter do the work. You can do this by putting your ass against the plywood and then positioning your own cock while standing (go for shorter, since tall guys can adjust easier than short guys can).

4. Once the hole is cut sand the hole carefully.

5. Spray paint the wood flat black.

Few things in life this easy to make will give so much enjoyment!

The hole should be sized obviously larger than your cock, but too small to get your balls through as well. This is to allow for the sensation of banging your nuts against the hole during a blowjob. This will stretch your cock to maximum size.

photo [via]

Enjoy your new gloryhole and take pride that you did it yourself!

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  1. whoa! XL's not first???

    And I am second???

    How did that happen?

  2. Is this on the Olympic program?

  3. What was that Nike saying, if you won silver then you lost gold?

  4. The fact that you go to this level of detail for us weeny blowers is truly heartwarming. I am tearing up here............

  5. Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoro nukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu2:49 AM, February 15, 2010

  6. Off topic - but did you know that xl is a cad and a bounder who has asked several women to be his Valentine?

  7. Glory holes will be of no use to me. But thanks anyway.

    Kaz, yeah you're right. XL is a bit of a tart.

  8. Ding dong!
    Does this also work with a knocker?

  9. xl only wanted the best for all.

  10. Now that's putting the ho in home improvement!

  11. ALL: I shall try to be less slutty in the future.

  12. Is there a project for a "Do It Yourself" rim seat with optional drip tray, available? A friend of mine wants to know.

  13. I DID not get a Valenine request from XL, but I think he still thinks I'm a dude, so all is forgiven.

  14. BITCHES: Just popping in briefly to comment on the XL Love Scandal.

    Clearly this is the behaviour of a Lothario.

    But given XL’s previous unblemished track record and given his willingness to submit to counseling, we here at Infomaniac think he will, as he says, try to “be less slutty in the future” and amend for his womanizing ways.

    *hands Glory Hole Wipers to Mitzi and fecks off*

  15. Well, I’m off to Homo Depot to meet some friends in the lavatory and pick up some supplies for this project.

    Do they have DIY plans for 'drive thru's' or 'revolving doors'? Mitzi wants to know?

    Oh yes one more thing, for Mitzi...

  16. AYEM8Y: Doesn’t YOUR house have a revolving door?

    I am sold on that Joy Rider.

    Anything that promotes itself by saying, “This fantastic new unit makes use of two of your favorite things: your butt and someone else's face!” can only be a best-seller.

    *fecks back off again*

  17. I want whoever can just about fit through that first hole!

  18. Sheesh...why must everything take so much work?
    I need a nap.

  19. Ach am Arsch ...

  20. i'm shit at diy....that's all i gotta say on the issue

  21. My hole is already glorious.

    Or have I misunderstood?

  22. thanks something I always wanted to know! LOL I love it

  23. thanks something I always wanted to know! LOL I love it