Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top 10 Sex Toy Patents

Cunnilingus Mask

From the Dildo Exercise System (get fit and get off) to the Talking Vibrator, see the DIY ethic in action with the Top Ten Sex Toy Patents. (nsfw)

Via [the peculiar one]


  1. Umm, that drawing is a wee bit frightening. Downright scary.

    I mean, c'mon, is it a guy or girl?

    Makes no diff to me since it is a for a Cunnilingus Mask.

  2. Put a little clown makeup on that thing and it would officially be the world's most frightening sex toy...or best, depending on your love/hatred of clowns...i guess..........yay Cunnilingus Mask

  3. I agree, truly nightmare inducing. To see that peering from down below would be enough for me to pee in his face.

  4. Maidy: Yay for equal opportunity!

    Pamer: Send in the clowns.

    Awaiting: You're in the wrong place. You want the watersports blog.

  5. I liked the talking vibrator!

    Hope you can set it to say

    "No I've got a headache"

  6. SID: I have no idea what my vibrator says as it just rolled over and fell asleep.

  7. My Word!
    Half of these things look like they were developed for extracting confessions by the Spanish Inquisition!
    I noticed that the remaining items were patented by the Dr.J.Mengele Corporation located in Paraguay.