Thursday, December 28, 2006

Celebrity Butt Plugs

You can stick George Dubya up your arse!
You can stick George Dubya up your arse!
You can stick George Dubya, stick George Dubya
Stick George Dubya up your arse!!

-- lyrics altered with apologies to English football fans

Celebrity butt plugs include George Dubya Tush, Smell Gibson (Bravefart edition) and Parass Hilton.

You can also order a custom butt plug of a friend, family member, boss or colleague.


  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! First!

    I want one of Tazzy.

  2. Piggy: I want one of Tazzy too!

    Maybe they'll give us a discount for bulk orders.

  3. I want one of the Statue of Liberty,in its original size.

    Piggy could take it,no butts about it.

  4. SID: Piggy has room for the Eiffel Tower up there too.

  5. What better place for Dubya to be.

    Although nothing goes up my ass...just out.

  6. George can't keep his stupid mouth shut for one second, can he?

  7. That Awaiting's such a fucking liar! We know she's had alsation up there.

    And that old tramp from the corner of the street. (he shared his bottle of beer with her in return).

    The size of Sid's arse... He could get the Statue of Liberty AND the Eiffel Tower up there and still have room for a rugby team.

  8. Midgets? Yeah, of course. You drunk again?

    And where the fucks that cunt, MJ?

  9. Awa: Nothing goes up yer arse? Pack of lies. For once I agree with Piggy.

    Geoff: George Dubya or George Graham?

    Piggy: Where have I been? Peering up SID's arse as he sleeps off yet another drunken evening. There's a marching band shoved up there too. The tuba sounds a little flat.

  10. Heyyyy, husband's don't count.

    That's a right of passage when you marry.




  11. Awa: I'm not throwing you a lifeline.

    Piggy: She's sinking fast.