Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Little Britain for Beginners

Everyday this week I’ll show clips from the popular BBC TV comedy sketch show Little Britain. A personal fave on the telly chez Infomaniac.

My postings are aimed at those Canucks and Yanks who haven’t yet caught the show. If, by the end of this week you like what you see, the Yanks can view Little Britain on BBC America and the Canucks on BBC Canada or Showcase. Or you can purchase DVDs of the series.

As for the Brits reading this post, tell us what you like (or don’t like) about the show.

Today’s Clip: Daffyd Thomas (aka The Only Gay in the Village) has set up a Gay and Lesbian stall at the village fete.

For those of you who want details about the show, there’s loads of info and links on Wikipedia and on the BBC’s Little Britain page.

Want more of Daffyd? Here he is …


  1. yipeeeee 1st

    haa haa errr how come T&P don't dress like that ??? but then they are not the only gays in the village and thank god they are not welsh and don't wear wellies and shag sheep!!!!

    little britian is great everything makes me laugh see if you can find a clip of the fat ladies they are hilarous well done MJ that has been a good start to my day

  2. I am the first poster in the village...

  3. get your blog updated then i can be 1st haaa haaa

  4. still editing a little piece

    cos i kant speel pwoperlike


    gimme 10 mins...

  5. Funnily enough, we just bought the complete Series 3 on DVD yesterday.

    We were up until 3am this morning watching it.

    Easily our fave proggy of the last couple of years.

    And as Midget Arse observed - we're nothing like Daffyd.

    Thank fuck.

  6. Oh, you should show a clip of the old woman that pee's herself wherever she goes.

    Or the ultra-conservative old lady that vomits at the mention of anything non-white and British.

    Or Bubbles that 'lives' on the health farm. One of the clips were she disrobes is funniest.

  7. Minion & Midget Arse: Go to your rooms!

    Minion. "The first poster in the village"... thanks for my first laff of the day.

    Midget Arse: I'll find a clip for you this week

    Piggy & Tazzy: You two are nothing like Daffyd? No, nothing at all except for the rubber suits.

    The only characters I dislike are incontinent woman and vomiting woman so I'm fecking well not posting their clips. Bubbles, however, I'll post for you this week.

  8. I forgot to mention in the posting that Little Britain is to be remade as an all-American show by HBO.

  9. *laughs because piggy said he 'bought' Season 3!*

  10. what about the one where they all start singing and then the one guy passes out paper cups full of koolaid and everyone drinks it and then they all start gakking and spazzing and they all die in the middle of the jungle and its really hot and then they all blow up and the ants come?

    thats the one, right?
    isn't that what you mean?

  11. fn - crack kills.

    yay! i'm #14.

  12. "I thought it was Mr. Peacock. He's the one with the Mustache." LOL

    Bubbles disrobing is just frightening.

    Looks like I'll have to order BBC Canada, Showcase hardly ever shows it anymore....and I'm too cheap to buy the DVD.

    "Do these Buttplugs come with batteries?" LOL

  13. Erm...my mum and sister like it. So do a lot of people at work.

    Erm...I just don't get it. And I don't get Monty Python or anything involving John Cleese.

    Oh shit.

    Can we still be friends, MJ? We both like Yes, don't we? They're comedy, aren't they?

  14. Awaiting: Why is it so funny that Piggy bought Season 3? Are you into the laughing gas again?

    FN: I must have missed that episode.
    *locks the door*

    Pink: Yay! Where have you been?

    Pamer: If Sudbury wasn't so far from Vancouver you could come to mine and watch the DVDs. When I eventually move back to Ontario we're on for a Britcom marathon.

    Geoff: You are forgiven. I like you for so many other reasons. But FN will kick your arse for not liking John Cleese. She worships him. Yes, Yes are high comedy. Especially with lyrics such as the following:
    "A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace,
    And rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace."

  15. Deffo on for a Britcom marathon...I've even caught a few eps of the Brit "Coupling" onPBS. It's very good...Also the Office is Great. And a new SciFi spoof HyperDrive looks promising too.

    I've heard that League of Gentlemen is pretty strange although I've never seen it anywhere.

    When are you moving back? Next week????

  16. Pamer: I'm not moving back for at least a year. :( But I'm bringing all my DVDs with me!

  17. Awaiting laughed at me buying the DVD because she gets them free.

    Sends the kid's out shoplifting, she does.

    Or downloads poor quality copies that are missing all the extra's.

  18. I want to see more of that woman who says


    Brilliant show, and earthangel 2 can do sketches word for word.

  19. Piggy: Ah yes, Awaiting has her own "Mississippi Marketplace."

    SID: Oh that's right. Make it a lesser character that's near impossible to find as a clip. Arsehole. Why don't you just get earthangel 2 to reenact it for you and save me the bother? Fecking Oirish git.

  20. If only you could find a vid of the live show. Dafydd closed the show with a disco number called "I'm gay", I cried laughing and would love to se it again.

    I suspect it may be a bit tricky to find but you are super human at tracking these things down.

    *crosses fingers*

  21. Or was "I'm a gay"?

    Of that ilk I'm sure.

  22. oooh! I'm excited at the thought of it

  23. Hardhouse: Hardhouse has a hardon.

  24. because you said you were gonna sit on my face

  25. Oh my. I will be watching this now!

  26. Hardhouse: Did I? Oh right. I'd forgotten. But you vomited when I suggested it.

    Pru: And we have our first convert!

  27. mj - i've been visiting the people who claim to be my parents. i'd believe them normally, but it's a little hard when you don't look like anyone in your family.

  28. OH YES!!! I love Little Britain! Our household favourite saying is "Computer says no".

    Also had a good laugh while driving through Ontario, because they have a town called Little Britain.

  29. Pink: What are you smoking?

    Ginny: And do you cough in their faces after you say "computer says no"?

    I have a pic of that Little Britain, Ontario sign. I'll post it later this week. Thanks for the reminder.

  30. Absolutely! The cough is a must